John Baird

Working across painting, collage and sculpture, Baird has developed a bold, flattened aesthetic that calls on the interior province of domestic life, looking at how slippages between utilitarianism and decoration embed everyday objects. Scouring demolition sites for material remnants of past lives – wallpaper, fabric and flocking – the artist laces his paintings with these revenant fragments to create allegorical narratives, or what he terms ‘a coded diary lurking behind each work.’  With a lingering aura of nostalgia, the comfortable chair, the dressing table or the floral arrangement are elevated from the commonplace, while children play outside in leafy trees and boats are glimpsed on the harbour. By consciously conflating foreground and background, Baird forges a surreality that adds a dream-like dimension to his constructed spaces, enkindling our memories and inspiring our imaginations.

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