Kendal Murray

Kendal Murray’s miniature sculptures stage dream-like narratives that are played out by tiny identities with big personalities. Fantasies filled with optimistic expressions of limitless possibilities are enacted in a range of playful and dramatic scenarios that are imbued with social, symbolic and personal meaning. The artist’s collection of sculptural assemblages explores the ontological currency of toys and the psychological forces that motivate individuals to collect. The works allegorise the experience of play, both the act of pretend play and a remembered experience for the collector.
Murray has had numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and her work is held in public and private collections in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK and New York including the Powerhouse Museum, Goulburn Regional Gallery, University of Western Sydney, University of New South Wales and Commonwealth Bank Collection. She has been the recipient of several awards including the Deakin Small Sculpture Prize (2015) and Beowulf Award in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize (2015). Her work has also been selected as finalist many times in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize (2015, 2014, 2012, 2010). She holds an MA (Hons) in Visual Art and currently lectures in Design at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University.
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