Aaron Kinnane in the Wynne


Called down from the mountains, written in the sea, oil on canvas, 183 x 304 cm

Congratulations to Aaron Kinnane for being selected as a finalist in the prestigious annual Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Aaron’s painting, Called down from the mountains, written in the sea, expresses the artist’s effervescent vision of the natural world. Lavishly applied oils in a brooding palette of navies, icy blues and cool purples conjure a landscape that is at once sullen and savage, bleak and beautiful, heavy and light, desolate and wildly alive. The artist’s statement reads:

‘Called down from the mountains, written in the sea' is part of a series of landscape paintings which are meditations about the land. The landscape is not stated, it is suggested, leaving each observer to speculate on their own truth in the image – a stormy sea, a snow-covered landscape, the patterns of geology – and what else? We are left with a sense of isolation – they are depictions of the sense of place, rather than of the place itself.

First awarded in 1897, the Wynne Prize is given to an Australian artist for the best example of landscape painting of Australian scenery, or for figural sculpture. Aaron’s stunning landscape can be viewed at AGNSW, along with other finalists, from 18 July – 27 September.

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