ROBYN SWEANEY, Lie of the land, acrylic on polycotton, 70 x 100 cm

Dwell - Robyn Sweaney
Friday 24 May 2019 to Sunday 21 July 2019
The Boyd Gallery

For the past 15 years my work has reflected a preoccupation with the Australian vernacular, particularly from the post-war period. By painting houses and buildings I have been able to combine an expression of place with philosophical and poetic ideas. My paintings depict elements of a cultural landscape; one that combines properties created by nature and those intentionally altered or created by people.

Residencies, travelling to new places and revisiting past landscapes have also become extremely important elements of my work. While travelling through the familiar and unfamiliar Australian rural and suburban landscape, certain elements of place resonate an unexplainable reaction within me – something ignites deep within memory. The landscape is somehow opened up by the search itself and
my response can reach beyond its visual appearance.

Collecting foliage and vases from where I have been, with the intention to paint them, has at times in my life become a compulsion and obsession. In physical terms, the urge to fill spaces with vessels and local flowers or foliage creates a feeling of life, of home, no matter where I am. In these paintings I aim to not merely represent the picturesque but use the still life as synecdochal representations of place.

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