Belinda Fox in the Stanthorpe Art Festival


7 Steps, watercolour, drawing on board, 220 x 100 cm

Congratulations to Belinda Fox for being preselected in the 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival. Belinda was just one of 76 finalists chosen from 715 local and international entries for her exquisite work ‘7 Steps’.

‘7 Steps’ depicts an assemblage of precarious forms – beautifully fragile balancing acts that are close to collapse yet cemented in a state of perfect acrobatics. In her paintings, prints and sculptures, Fox depicts extinct and endangered bird species to microcosmically frame the increasing deterioration that is occurring to our environment. She also employs the motif of the peony flower, a traditional Chinese symbol for prosperity and power, hinting at how these virtues can both build and destroy community. In her search for balance and harmony, the artist thus reveals the precarious line that divides creation and destruction, hope and despair, beauty and decay.

Working across painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture, Fox is fast becoming an important figure in the field of contemporary Australian art, with works held in major public collections including the NGV, Melbourne, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane and Canberra’s NGA. Drawing from her virtuosic skills as a former Master Printer and informed by her extensive travels, the artist creates meticulously detailed works that launch multilayered explorations of the duality of human experience. Responding to the ever-present existence of conflict endemic to the human condition, Fox’s work offers the viewer a revelatory moment of meditation on the immeasurable beauty that surrounds us.

Running biannually since 1972 this year’s Stanthorpe Art Festival will be judged by Ron Ramsey, Executive Director, Art Gallery Society of NSW and Dr Kyla McFarlane, Curator of Australian Art at QAGOMA. The Festival commences at the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery on 3 June and runs until 17 July.

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