Hobie Porter at WAG


Congratulations to the amazing Hobie Porter on his significant large-scale exhibition, ‘Unnatural History: The Tower Hill Project’, at Warrnambool Art Gallery (WAG).

The project commemorates 160 years since Australian artist Eugene von Guerard painted Tower Hill (1855), held in WAG’s permanent collection. Employing his characteristic photorealist aesthetic, Porter interrogates the environmental impacts that colonial settlement had on this landscape in von Guerard’s time – when much of Tower Hill’s natural vegetation was cleared for farming and quarrying. Guided by von Guerard’s painting, a major revegetation program began in the 1960s, which has restored the flora and fauna native to the region. Porter’s depiction of Tower Hill celebrates this renewed state, contrasting dramatically with some historical works that depict the site in its environmentally denuded state.

‘Unnatural History: The Tower Hill Project’ will be shown at Arthouse Gallery from 19 May – 11 June 2016.


From little things, big things
, oil on polyester canvas, 120 x 200 cm
HEADER: White fella midden, oil on polyester canvas, 69 x 122 cm

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