Arthouse Gallery is delighted to announce our dynamic exhibition program for 2021. This coming year features solo shows by newly–represented, emerging artists as well as new works from our celebrated and diverse stable of Australian contemporary practitioners.

We really look forward to welcoming you to the gallery this year.

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Looking Through the Angophoras (Berry Island), oil on polyester canvas, 166.5 x 86.5 cm (framed)

Summer Salon 2021
14 – 30 January

A fitting send off to the year that was, these works celebrate the limitless possibilities of 2021. This coming year features solo shows by newly–represented, emerging artists as well as presentations from our celebrated and diverse stable of Australian contemporary practitioners. Join us as we welcome the dawn of 2021 and all the adventures promised by a brand new day.

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NICOLE KELLY Silent as the worn stone, oil on polyester, 132 x 107 cm

For what binds
10 – 27 February

Nicole Kelly creates paintings that linger between the essence of a subject and the experience of being. Her new body of work has been inspired by recent experiences in Fowlers Gap. Informed by an interest in literature and the discipline of painting, these works cast moments of shared stillness in an atmosphere of light.

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JAMES ETTELSON Wildacrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas, 152.5 x 152.5 cm (framed)

Are We There Yet?
10 – 27 February

Sydney-based artist James Ettelson’s joyous palette, polychromatic patterns, energetic mark-making and effervescent, explosive forms visualise our collective need to selectively focus on the glistening hope that radiates from realms of darkness. Employing acrylic, spray paint, stencilling and layering, Ettelson builds each canvas without preconception, tapping into the intuitive channel between head and hand, imagination and realisation.

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KATHERINE HATTAM I am here, mixed media on paper

I Am Here – Curated by Katherine Hattam
6 – 27 March

In response to the growing movement towards equal power, equal respect, equal opportunity, and equal recognition for women artists, Arthouse Gallery has invited Katherine Hattam to curate a group showcase honouring the women who have been instrumental in shaping Australian culture and whose stories have too often been hidden from view.

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NICOLA MOSS Orchid House, paper collage, acrylic paint, mixed media on stretched linen, 143 x 143 cm (framed)

Plants Give Me Hope
13 April – 1 May

Probing the intersection of politics and ecology Nicola Moss' collaged works highlight the importance of green spaces amid congested urban environments. Relying on an archive of papers coloured using paint, graphite, printmaking and various stains, Moss' materials travel with her as she explores the physical landscape.

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JO BERTINI Hidden River of Sand, oil on French polyester canvas, 200 x 200 cm 

11 – 29 May

Jo Bertini’s paintings traverse well-worn landscapes in an exploration of the true nature of wilderness. Drawing from the traditions of artists on scientific and ecological survey expeditions into the most remote and inaccessible regions, Bertini celebrates her long and intimate engagement with the desert.

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LEAH FRASER Your body burned with the light of a thousand stars, acrylic on polyester canvas, 95.5 x 105.5 cm (framed)

11 – 29 May

Sydney-based artist Leah Fraser creates lyrical paintings and ceramics that engage with history, magic and the unknown in their metaphorical visualisation of the “waters of life”.  Drawing inspiration from folk mythologies, diverse cultures and children’s tales, Fraser’s paintings depict shaman-like characters travelling through mystic lands in search of spiritual metamorphosis.

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BELINDA FOX Symbiotic II, watercolour, drawing, and woodcut on board, 51.5 x 83 cm (framed)

5 – 26 June

Drawing from her virtuosic skills as a former Master Printer and fusing together profoundly personal and global concerns, Belinda Fox’s work lays bare the paradoxes endemic to contemporary human experience. Working in painting, drawing, glass, sculpture, printmaking and collaboration, Fox examines the volatility of our era, excavating the iridescent beauty that flickers below the shadowy surface of conflict and despair.

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SUSAN BAIRD Clear Morning, Winter, oil on canvas board, 15 x 20 cm (framed)

5 – 26 June

Susan Baird creates poetic paintings that capture the essence of Australian environments. Often created en plein air, her works canvass the vicissitudes of the natural world, springing as much from physical topographies as they do from psychological, emotional and spiritual affiliations. Vibrant strokes of colour, swift brushwork and suggested forms conjure a kind of optic memory, evoking the sensations of form, shape, light and colour that have inspired generations of artists.

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JOSHUA YELDHAM Mt Gower – Little Owl Cove, acrylic on hand-carved linen paper, 114 x 130 cm (framed)

Landscape 2021
1 – 17 July

Our group landscape show celebrates the Australian environment and the artists who paint it. Curated from our stable of artists this annual exhibition has become a favourite of collectors and gallery patrons.

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CLIFFORD HOW Near the Creek, oil on linen, 130 x 155 cm (framed)

24 July – 14 August

Clifford How's works meditate on the rugged identity and harsh weather systems of the Tasmanian landscape. The artist gives significance to form through a palette knife, modelling this primal terrain with a known intimacy. From deep ancient tarns nestled in dolerite basins to exposed plateau sedge land, How’s paintings are suspended in time capturing the unseen and fleeting qualities of place.

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EMMA WALKER (Left) Still Deep I, acrylic and wax on carved board, 60 x 60 cm; (Top Right) Still Deep IIIacrylic and wax on carved board, 29 x 21 cm; (Bottom Right) Still Deep II,  acrylic and wax on carved board, 40 x 40 cm

19 August – 11 September

Emma Walker consistently and evocatively engages with the natural world, looking at the patterns and rhythms that recur in nature. Carving, sanding, digging, grinding, glazing, dripping and scratching into layered timber, the artist creates a unique process and approach to her sculptural wall paintings. From ancient landscapes of sea, rock and sky to the microscopic patterns and rhythms that power existence, her work moves between the micro and the macro in a formative dance.

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JOSHUA YELDHAM Yeomans Bay – Bird Rock, acrylic and cane on hand-carved board, 202 x 246 cm (framed)

Joshua Yeldham
9 – 12 September

Drawing from a deep spiritual affiliation with the land and a reverential love of nature, Joshua Yeldham’s art practice forms a complex interplay between narrative and myth, imagination and experience. In a major solo showcase at Sydney Contemporary, Yeldham will debut a new collection of carved photographs and paintings on board.

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DANELLE BERGSTROM Burning heart I, oil on linen, 92 x 92 cm

25 September – 16 October

Danelle Bergstrom creates wildly evocative landscapes that pictorialise the artist’s lived experiences, personifying the land as a vessel for emotion. Meditative and transformative, her paintings invoke a broad emotional and psychological exploration of environment, functioning as revised narratives – tangible footprints along well-trodden roads winding through the artist’s memory.

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COLIN PENNOCK Far Enough to Start Again, oil on linen, 142 x 142 cm (framed)

23 October – 6 November

In all their vastness and intimacy, the spirited landscapes of Colin Pennock visualise the profound valency of memory. Responding to his immediate surrounds in the Noosa Hinterland as well as remembered moments from his Irish homeland, the artist creates visceral compositions that materialise the experiential and emotional undulations of life. Stratified swoops of oil cast a space where formlessness meets the pictorial.

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JO DAVENPORT Bagnell's Lagoon, oil on board, 93 x 93 cm (framed)

13 – 27 November

Jo Davenport’s lyrical oil paintings inhabit the liminal resting place between real, imagined and remembered landscapes. For the artist, the notion of space is not defined by perspectival strictures and physical form, but conceived as a scintillating constellation of memories and emotions. Through layered colour, impulsive mark making and erasure, the artist brings the transient into view, invokingthe complexities of memory and representation.

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KATE BERGIN The playroom, oil on canvas, 123 x 143 cm (framed)

4 – 18 December

Kate Bergin's works revel in the unusual, the precarious and the unexpected. Far from 'still', these paintings quiver with movement, laughter and life. It is impossible to ignore their vitality. Animals poised to leap from the canvas, birds to take flight; compositions on the brink of collapse. Bergin’s work, intoxicating and absurd, captures the mundane and the exotic in virtuosic detail.

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