Belinda Fox: Back to the Start


Arthouse Gallery is delighted to present Back to the Start, a comprehensive monograph of the multidisciplinary practice of Belinda Fox. The book will be launched at Sydney Contemporary alongside the artist's exhibition ‘Balancing the World’.

Featuring essays by Glenn Barkley, Michael Kempson, Prof Stephen Naylor and Kate Bryan,the stunning 164-page monograph surveys Fox’s oeuvre to-date. Published by Goff Books (USA) and distributed by Peribo, Back to the Start elucidates the complexities and challenges faced by Fox in her traversal of geographical, cultural and artistic borders.

The book will be launched at Carriageworks on Saturday 12 September at the Arthouse Gallery Booth E03 from 4:30pm - 5:30pm. In conversation with contributing writer and notable curator Glenn Barkley, Fox will be speaking about the challenges and triumphs of her practice in relation to contemporary art at large.

Back to the Start was featured in this month's Artist Profile magazine in a wonderful review by Lucy Stranger. Stranger comments:

Not surprisingly, this monograph is executed with the same extraordinary attention to detail given to all of Belinda Fox's works. For an artist not limited to a single medium, it's a natural evolution to return to her original practice of printmaking and try her hand at producing a book. Lovingly pieced together, the layout coalesces text, photographs and work with a clear artistry that is characteristic of Fox. Inviting the reader into the many worlds that make up Fox's practice, the book presents an in-depth look into the places, cultures and artists that have influenced her extensive and diverse oeuvre [...] Visually rich, the full-bleed images of her paintings and close-up details of her ceramic works result in a development and diversification of her practice. An exposition of Fox's journeys, this book showcases an expressive practice that is multifaceted in its exploration of the duality of the human experience.

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