Open Air - trailer from Grayson Cooke on Vimeo.

Australia-based artist Grayson Cooke announces “Open Air”, a media project featuring Landsat 8 imagery and the artistic process of Arthouse Gallery's Emma Walker.

"While I was visiting an exhibition of Emma’s in Sydney, I got the idea that a camera moving slowly over the complex landscapes and topographies of her paintings, which are very Australian in their forms and colours and materials, might actually feel like aerial photography and so could operate as a kind of creative Earth imaging. A lot of my work involves using motion-control equipment to create these beautifully smooth controlled camera movements, so I approached Emma about this idea and began to experiment both with filming existing paintings, but also filming the processes and materials that go into the paintings’ construction." - Artist Grayson Cooke speaking with NASA published 22nd of February 2018

The trailer for “Open Air” was recently released online; Cooke plans to release the full feature-length work later in 2018.

Full article available here

The trailer for “Open Air” available here

Emma Walker working in studio

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