Fraser Anderson Debut Solo Exhibition


Fraser Anderson creates resin sculptures that objectify the liminal state between the familiar and the unknown, the permanent and ephemeral, old and new. They appear as if suspended in a moment in time, at the tipping point before beauty succumbs to decay. A metamorphosis has occurred yet there is still something vaguely reminiscent of the past life of the object, as if saturated colour and taught form has aged, dulled and slackened into comfort and elegance.

Anderson’s process is a combination of physicality and alchemy: layered mark-making is followed by the application of resin, which allows for only ten minutes curing time, initiating a highly physical studio performance - a dance between anxiety and faith. This gestural, animated process permeates the work, pushing and pulling it between abstraction and figuration. The figure is further evoked by the resulting undulations of ‘drapery’ redolent of classical sculpture portraying the female form.

Limb Sink

17th June - 12th July 2014

Opening reception Tuesday 17th June, 6pm

Fraser Anderson's artistic process from Arthouse Gallery on Vimeo.

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