Heidi Yardley Exhibition Teaser


Sneak peak at Heidi Yardley’s latest series of works for her forthcoming show ‘Meeting the Shadow.’ Comprising monochromatic charcoal drawings based on collages created from the artist’s extensive archive of printed material, the exhibition straddles a variety of subjects including the female figure, floral arrangements, historical sculpture and the Australian landscape.

‘Meeting the shadow’, references Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic exploration of ‘the shadow self’ as the darker side of human consciousness. In this shadowy, chiaroscuro-filled body of work, Yardley explores the psychology of the Jungian shadow self – fragmented identity and those things that exist on the periphery of our awareness. She also returns to her interest in spirit photography and the notion of trickery within esoteric and psychic worlds, creating drawings that rely heavily on the photographic image, stylistically recalling the photographs of Man Ray as well as collages by artists of the Surrealist and Dada movements.

Heidi Yardley - Meeting The Shadow from Arthouse Gallery on Vimeo.

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