Kendal Murray exhibiting in 'Story' at Penrith Regional Gallery


Kendal Murray will be exhibiting a collection of amazing whimsical miniatures as apart of the group show Story at Lewers Learning Centre, Penrith Regional Gallery from 25 May – 15 September 2013.

Kendal Murray was told by a teacher, as a nine year old, that she had a tendency to daydream and in her words she has been trying to live that down ever since. Humour plays an important part in her art practice where she creates miniature, parallel worlds, tiny snapshots inspired by dream states. In these works, she uses found objects like tea pots, compacts and grass covered purses as the setting for her tiny characters, to play out everyday activities with an odd twist. For example, in a mirrored compact we find shoppers involved in a shopping trolley race; and on a grass covered purse we see a marathon runner totally unaware that he is being followed by a small flock of sheep. On another purse which takes the form of a parkland setting, a small crowd is divided as to whether a young boy in the upper most branches of a tree should save the pet cat, or maybe the lost balloons. Which would you choose?

The Story exhibition will explore how a maverick group of contemporary artists use art materials and surprising objects in whimsical and ingenious ways to create theatrical scenes, quirky characters and artwork loaded with narrative potential. Each of the doorways into the four rooms of Lewers Learning Centre will be the threshold into an adventure of a different kind and each room will have a hands-on interactive element that invites visitors to continue the story. Story features the work of Shaun Tan, Kate Mitchell, Alasdair Macintyre, Naomi Ullman, Hendrik Gericke, Catherine O’Donnell, Myluyn Nguyen and our very own, ‘Queen of the Miniature’ ‐ Kendal Murray

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