Arthouse Gallery and Leah Fraser recently teamed up with Sass & Bide in a striking fusion of art and fashion during Leah’s incredible exhibition ‘Within You Without You’. Leah looked stunning wearing Sass & Bide during a photoshoot at the Gallery, and our exclusive Art Month Q&A night with Leah and Sass & Bide guests was a sparkly, memorable evening abounding in inspiration.  Here are some of the shots featuring incredible people from the partner worlds of art and fashion.

Sophia Berman and Charlotte Hicks (Sass & Bide)

Sarah Grieve, Ali Yeldham (Arthouse Gallery), Leah Fraser (artist), Marisa Firman (designer) and Alethea Flynn (Sass & Bide)

Morgan Martin (Sass & Bide) and Penne Dennison (actor)

Joel Bedford and Bryce McIntosh (The Institute Group)

Ali Yeldham (Arthouse Gallery) and Leah Fraser (artist)

Marisa Firman (designer) and Charlotte Hicks (Sass & Bide)

Laura Baxter (artist), Andrew Bell (artist) and Cassandra Roberts (filmmaker)

Chloe Podgornik (designer) and Stephanie Leslight (Sass & Bide)

Middle: Ilona Novacek (model) and Marina Lukoschat (model)

Barry Keldoulis (Art Month), Ali Yeldham (Arthouse Gallery) and Mary Wenholz (Art Month)

Ali Yeldham (Arthouse Gallery) and Leah Fraser (artist)



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