1 - 25 April 2020
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Arthouse Gallery presents an outstanding new exhibition featuring 20 of our artists celebrating Australia's unique landscape. As new growth blooms and the scars of a turbulent few months begin to heal we are reminded of the resilience of our environment. Meditative and transformative, the works in this exhibition spring as much from physical topographies as they do from psychological, emotional and spiritual affiliations. These paintings, sculptures, and photographs speak to the personal experience of witnessing the landscape transform and renew.

To assist in sharing the extraordinary art and creativity of our artists with you the team here has put together a walkthrough of our RE[NEW]AL exhibition which you can view below. A special thanks to musician Roy Valentine for composing the track for this walkthrough, more on his work here

Susan Baird • Kate Ballis • Jo Bertini • Jo Davenport • Tracey Deep • James Ettelson • Belinda Fox • James Gardiner • Ian Greig • Susan Hipgrave • Clifford How • Nicole Kelly • Nicola Moss • Kendal Murray • Colin Pennock • Hobie Porter • Peter Simpson • Emma Walker • Heidi Yardley • Joshua Yeldham

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