MAG&M, Tilt: Belinda Fox & Neville French, photograph by Silversalt Photography

Belinda Fox’s extraordinary work ‘Tilt I’ is a finalist in the Swan Hill National Print and Drawing Awards. The works will be on display at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery until July 15. For more information on the Swan Hill Prize exhibition click here!

Drawing from her virtuosic skills as a former Master Printer and informed by extensive travels Belinda Fox creates meticulously layered works centred on the duality of human experience. Between painting, ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking, the artist responds to the different types of conflict endemic to the human condition.

Fox’s recent work explores the tenuous balancing acts faced by our global society. Tilt I, examines the plight of refugees that are forced into dangerous situations through circumstance and the lengths people will go to be safe. Fox depicts waves that ebb and flow and increase over the drawing evocative of a raging sea, mad, wild, messy, unforgiving, beautiful, powerful, uncompromising – a metaphor for the world we live in. The work incorporates jarring contrasts of fluorescent safety orange against natural organic washes of colour and texture. Within the wall of waves, a ship is depicted tipped on its side with people being washed into the sea. In it, humanity bares all its guises; humility, compassion, desperation and death. Belinda says, ‘We all know this cannot end well – the ship is falling…the world is tipping.’

Booker prize winner, Richard Flanagan’s notes on the Syrian exodus published by the Guardian in 2016 serves as inspiration for Belinda’s work. The artist tells a story once removed, drawn from a news item – printed from a computer, reproduced meticulously by hand and then transformed back into a digital form.

The detailed nature of Belinda’s work combined with the desired size of the finished installation required a considerable amount of detail to be captured during the digitisation phase, this was achieved through the careful alignment of a multitude of high-resolution scans. The final work in printed form is four times the area in scale of the original, the high resolution of the digital master affords an opening up of the detail. A change of scale in this magnitude offers the viewer both a glimpse into the gestural work of the artist at a macro level whilst providing for an overall immersive installation.

Please get in contact with the gallery to enquire about this work. 

Celebrating printmaking and drawing, these long-running awards see some of the finest contemporary works on paper from across Australia. Congratulations Belinda Fox on the achievement! 

We will be showcasing works by Belinda Fox at Sydney Contemporary in September. Click here to register your interest!

Tilt I, archival pigment print on paper mounted to dibond aluminium, ed. 3, 240 x 590 cm

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