Fraser Anderson

Fraser Anderson creates resin sculptures that objectify the liminal state between a vast set of binaries: permanence and ephemerality, solidity and softness, the familiar and the unknown, formation and formlessness. They appear as if suspended in a moment in time, at the tipping point before beauty succumbs to decay. A metamorphosis has occurred and yet there is still a vague semblance of the object’s former life – as if saturated colour and taught form has aged, dulled and slackened into comfort and elegance.

Anderson’s process is a combination of physicality and alchemy: layered mark-making is followed by the application of resin, which allows for only ten minutes curing time, initiating a highly physical studio performance - a dance between anxiety and faith. This gestural, animated process permeates the work, pushing and pulling it between abstraction and figuration. The suggestive figure is further evoked by resulting undulations of ‘drapery’ redolent of classical sculpture portraying the female form.

Anderson is an emerging artist who has had several successful solo and group exhibitions. He is fast attracting much attention in the art world, and his work has recently been featured in notable publications including Belle Magazine and Oyster Magazine. 

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