Miranda Skoczek

The practice of Melbourne–based artist Miranda Skoczek engages with abstraction via painterly plays with form, colour, composition and gesture. Borrowing from the history of image making – from the iconography of ancient cultures to the decorative arts and domestic architectures – Skoczek creates lavish, celebratory works that embody her resonant fixation with beauty. This appropriative practice, where disparate images from myriad sources are recontextualised, fosters an allusive oscillation between antiquity and contemporaneity.

Hinged on Formalist and Colourist approaches to art, Skoczek’s paintings are not preoccupied with the web of politics or conceptualism that mires so much contemporary art; rather, they center on the pure physicality and alchemy of painting. Channeling the modern philosophy of ‘art for art’s sake’, the artist divests the work of preconceived narratives and fixed meanings, carving open an aesthetic space where sensuality and temporality can converge.


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