Lauren O'Connor

Through layered colour, impulsive mark-making, and erasure, Lauren O'Connor brings the transient into view, invoking the complexities of memory and representation. 
Forms in nature are broken apart and reformed in her paintings giving new interpretations of landscapes.  Based on memory and imagination, her landscapes lead to new worlds being created; they are familiar yet foreign, complicated yet simple.  Her work constantly contradicts what the viewer's eye is used to seeing and understanding about painting and landscape itself, mirroring the Australian landscape, with its contradictions of familiar and strange.  The large open expanses of desert, versus the crowded, lush places of scrub and bush. 
Beginning her work day with a clean and ordered space O’Connor starts mixing paint, allowing colours to inspire her abstraction. The reference to landscape is often an unconscious process when after reworking the painting, spending time with it in the studio, real places emerge and memory is engaged.
Lauren O'Connor is a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney and was recently selected as a finalist in the 2021 Paddington Art Prize. Arthouse Gallery is thrilled to be showcasing Lauren O'Connor's work in her debut solo exhibition in 2022.

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