Tracey Deep (Guest Artist)

Tracey Deep has been working as a floral sculptor for the last 25 years. Starting her career working with some of Sydney’s most acclaimed floral artists, Deep has developed her art practice into environmental sculpture and large scale installations. With her innate understanding of native flora and the natural world, she weaves together used, industrial, organic, discarded and natural materials into otherworldly almost animalistic forms. Deep’s beautifully poetic work reflects a liminal space between light and shade, earthly and sensory textures, embodying the very essence of nature.

Deep has exhibited regularly in Australia and her work has been commissioned and installed in many prominent public and private spaces. She was a finalist in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize (2013, 2011), North Sydney Art Prize (2013) and the John Fries Art Prize (2011). Deep’s highly distinctive style and practice has garnered her a reputation as a passionate advocate for sustainability in the arts and she regularly teaches and speaks on the subject.

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